my studio... regards to: Calder, Klee & Miro   


my studio... regards to: Calder, Klee & Miro


I was born in Russia (former USSR) in 1943 and raised in a small resort town, nestled between the mountains of the North Caucasus and the Black Sea.

After moving to Odessa -  a big city with lots of character and a rich culture - I started my art education in Theater Art and Stage Design School. After graduating I joined an Art Studio and studied with Zoya Ivnitzkaya, a dedicated and very talented teacher.

I attended the School of Applied Arts and Industrial Design in St. Petersburg - created by Baron Stiglitz before the revolution and today it remains one of the most prestigious art colleges in Russia.

My working years in Russia were spent in a theater as a stage designer. After emigrating to the USA in 1978, I started over - working in various costume shops and studios in NYC, making and designing costumes and props for movies, stage and media - also designing sets for several Off-Off Broadway productions. An enjoyable "hands-on" education.

In 1983 after admittance to United Scenic Artist Guild, NYC, I began painting scenery for Broadway, television and movie sets where I was exposed to all kinds of materials that stirred my creativity.

Working at home I started making my own toys, dolls and designs using fabrics, leather, paper, foam rubber, wood, yarn and all sorts of found objects... 

Today my surroundings provide me with marvelous things to play with which remind me of other things - a leaf moves like a bird which looks like a leaf - all lights and shadows in a constant chase; a game of hide and seek and of loss and gain that I am in!